Did the Recession affect your rural business? Let’s talk.


You can increase your business and make more money with an online marketing strategy that fits your needs, time and budget.

Almost everyone has turned to the internet and mobile technology to research, make buying decisions and check out what friends recommend.

This makes internet marketing an essential for even the smallest local business.

Internet marketing gives rural tourism businesses a low cost way to reach new customers and stay in touch with satisfied, loyal customers.

Now, there is a simple, doable way to learn how to marketing online like a pro.

It’s called, Take Control Of Your Internet Marketing.

Trainers Joanne Steele and Kim Solga are specialists in rural business development and rural tourism. They understand that small local business owners wear many hats and have limited time to spend learning new marketing skills.

The Take Control of Your Internet Marketing system includes everything you’ll need to become an effective, successful internet marketer. And, you learn at your own pace, watching the short videos and following the outlined steps to creating an internet marketing program that will bring you more business and make you more money.

Joanne and Kim also understand that you need to keep costs down.

Take Control of Your Internet Marketing is a membership site. You pay a low monthly fee, which gives you access to the lessons as long as you continue your membership.

You will learn how to create and maintain your own internet marketing strategy including how to manage your own website.

You will learn how to make effective decisions about selecting social media options that will actually make you more money.

You will be kept up to date on all the important changes happening almost daily in the world of internet marketing and social media. Joanne and Kim are paying attention to this, so you can continue to focus on growing your business.

Join today and begin to Take Control of Your Internet Marketing.

Questions? Call or email Joanne.