Do You Need to Get Serious about Internet Marketing?

December 27, 2016

There is a myth among small local business owners that “everyone is an internet marketing master but me.” The reality is that more of you are struggling with internet marketing than are comfortable with it. I get lots of emails confirming that. I belong to a forum, “Social Media in Travel” on LinkedIn. People in […]

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Brand Essence: The Secret to Attracting Loyal Customers

December 13, 2016

We’ve talked about how we should TREAT loyal customers, but how does one actually ATTRACT one. Everyone including me talks endlessly about customer experience and sales funnels and attraction and retention. And all you want is for someone to buy your product or service! I have discovered a simple truth about how to do that: […]

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Customer Service: Your Only Sustainable Competitive Advantage in a Big Box World

July 20, 2016

That’s expanding a quote from Becky McCray in an interview she did with Pamela Wilson at Big Brand System.  (Thanks Becky, for another insightful look at small town business.) This is not easy to hear, especially when you have a small local business you’ve put your heart and soul into. But all those “unique” items […]

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Hackers Love People Who Don’t Update Software!

July 3, 2016

Below is an image that NOBODY wants to see, a Google blacklist screen. This happens when your website has been hacked, and Googlebot finds malware on your site. What hackers look for Why this warning now? Several friends and associates were recently hacked by some Russian hackers who ransomed their site, asking for money to […]

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